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Shipping & Returns

Unused Surplus - The product has been inspected and determined to be "unused". The product may or may not be in the original manufacturer's packaging materials. The product is not covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. 
Reconditioned - The product was used previously and has undergone reconditioning. Products are cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled to operate under normal usage conditions. A product that has been installed as a component of an electrical or mechanical system that has been energized but not put into service will be considered "Reconditioned". 
As-Is - The product has been used previously or is in otherwise unknown condition. The product is not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty or by Seller.

Shipping: We cannot issue shipping refunds after payment has been made. To receive a combined shipping rate you must contact us for a combined invoice, PRIOR to payment. We do not offer combine shipping for International shipments. We do not falsify customs declaration values of purchased items for international shipments. Cross-border buyers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, etc. imposed by the buyer's home country. If your item weighs 75 LBS or more, it must be shipped motor freight. Motor Freight items are for shipping to U.S. 48 Continental States. For motor freight shipments, payment must be received by 7:00 AM EST the day prior to shipment pick up to allow time to schedule a truck for pick up.

 Return Policy: We do not accept Returns. We do not offer partial refunds.  We do not issue partial refunds, nor pay for repairs of damaged items, we do NOT exchange/replace items.